Sobremesa in Spain until the Holidays!

Hi Sobremesa lovers, 

I just wanted to let you know that we will be in Spain until late December, on a very exciting work-related trip. I will be teaching Mediterranean Food & Culture to University of California students through their Education Abroad Program. It's been in the planning for 2 years now, so I am psyched that this is actually happening!

While abroad, a bunch of other events you might like to hear about will also happen, such as:

-I will be giving a conference at the Basque Culinary Center (probably the most cutting edge culinary school in all of Europe) on November 26. 

-I will be teaching a hands-on workshop on Cooking Healthy for the Individual's Needs at OBBIO in Barcelona on December 10. 

-I'll be offering individual consultations through my first-born and beloved Spanish company  desayuno con guisantes (email me here if you are interested; we can also still Skype if you are in the US and want a consultation). 

-I'll be taking some private cooking classes (yes, still doing that!) with famous chef, restaurant owner and cookbook author Ada Parellada to enrichen my repertoire of traditional Catalan cuisine (and offer more workshops when I get back). 

-I am thrilled to be visiting many dear old friends and family in Spain (and a very special one in Amsterdam as well).

Thanks for your continued support. Please stay tuned for updates on news from abroad, as well as workshops to come!