Do you feel confused about the overwhelming amount of information out there on what healthy eating is? We offer nutrition consulting and meal planning to individuals, as well as consulting to restaurants. Camila's extensive knowledge stems from her studies in health-supportive cooking and nutrition in Barcelona, New York and California. She can coach you through specific nutritional issues you might be facing, and guide you towards a tailored-to-you way of eating that will help you feel better.

Camila has lots of experience in Specialty Diets, designed for people who need to temporarily restrict their diets due to specific health conditions such as SIBO or IBS. 


As a nutrition consultant, Camila can:

  • Offer one-on-one sessions where we address the issues you need to work on to feel better.
  • Design a meal plan with recipes and goals for health improvement based on your personal tastes, preferences and lifestyle habits.
  • Accompany and support you along the path towards a healthier lifestyle, without sacrificing the pleasure of eating.
  • Educate and inform you on how to shop for, cook, and eat nutrient-dense, health-supportive and delicious foods.
  • Coach you through issues that may have prevented you from making the necessary dietary changes in the past.
  • Help you make the right decisions in food and lifestyle through gradual changes that will improve your general well-being.


Please email Camila to schedule an appointment or for more info.

We also offer gift certificates for nutrition consulting and menu planning.


Sessions are usually one hour long.The first consultation will help us get acquainted, assess your current diet and lifestyle habits, and establish your short and medium term goals. After the first consultation, I can do a detailed nutritional analysis of your intake, in which I identify the general diet direction of your current intake, the nutrients that might be missing, and suggest gradual modifications for improvement. In between sessions I offer assistance by email or phone. I love working in person with my clients, but if your schedule doesn't allow for it, we can also work via Skype, as I do with my long-distance clients.

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"When you eat following Camila's recommendations, your life changes for the better. The hours with her flew by and I always wanted more. I wish I could share more with Camila: her food, her table, her wise, kind, gentle way of speaking. She is always willing to answer your questions and was a wonderful role model, who deeply believes in what she is doing, and wants to help people from her heart." -Paula C.

"Working with Camila produced a transformation in me that helped me understand how food, nutrition, and cooking have a direct impact on my emotional and physical state of being. Thank you, Camila."  -Silvia M.

"I went to see Camila for advice on starting my baby on solid foods. She was incredible. I learned a lot and understood new perspectives on the matter; she answered all my questions and calmed my anxiety about introducing solid to my first-born. I could not be more thankful; she is a wonderful professional with tons of expertise in her field!" -Elena M.

"My experience with Camila was great! I contacted her through her website and she was always quick to respond. Camila offered me different options, which I loved because she adapts to each person's needs and priorities. Camila is always gentle, available, attentive, and super up-to-date in her field. Our Skype sessions were extremely productive and motivating. I love working with Camila!" Carla B.