Irasshaimase! Welcome to Japan! Long before visiting, I had always admired many traditional aspects of Japanese culture, and always joked that I had been Japanese in a past life. The first time I traveled to Japan, I knew it was true. Japan is my elective affinity, a place where, in spite of all the differences, I feel at home. As a student of chanoyu or the way of tea, I strive to reproduce that feeling no matter where I am geographically.

Traveling to Japan for the first time is not always easy for a Westerner; there are so many linguistic and cultural barriers. We have designed this trip to facilitate your immersion into this fascinating, rich culture where the food is always a highlight, no matter what time of the day or where you are. 

Japanese people take pride in perfecting details, and this makes for a travel experience like no other, in which food is always as beautiful as it is tasty, and hospitality takes on new levels. 

Join this once-in-a-lifetime, artfully curated travel experience. Ideal for first-timers to Japan, we have custom-created this tour to introduce you to some classic spots, as well as highlight off-the-beaten-path sites and experiences. You will get to interact with locals thanks to Sobremesa's on-the-ground connections; we believe that's what travel is all about. We offer unforgettable experiences and meals, and allow free time for processing, shopping, sightseeing, or eating more. 

If you love Japanese food and would like to engage with the culture, this trip is for you; seize the opportunity and sign up soon! We have spent lots of time researching, to construct an off-the-beaten-path trip for you that would be impossible to access on your own. 


$5,490 per person in double room

$5,990 per person in individual room


May 19 - 27, 2019

If you have a group and would like us to open new dates for you for this tour, please let us know, we can cater to your needs!