Camila Loew, Founder

Camila is the daughter and grand-daughter of intercontinental migrants, and has spent a third of her life among three different countries (Argentina, the US, and Spain). Her cooking style can be described as Mediterranean and vegetable-forward.

Camila holds a Ph.D. in Humanities and is a certified Nutrition Consultant. She cooks daily for her family of four.

Sobremesa's tours are led by Camila herself, who takes pride and pleasure in performing extensive research to plan the most amazing experiences for you.



Shilpa Baliga, Barcelona Staff

Shilpa grew up in the UK and holds a language degree from the University of Cambridge. She has lived and worked all over Europe, but for the last two decades has made Barcelona her home and knows all its hidden corners.

She has worked in and owned restaurants in Barcelona and is delighted that there is now a new, passionate focus on all things local and natural. She has a decade’s experience in culinary tours in Italy.

Shilpa loves cooking daily for her family of four, hiking in the woods around her home in the hills above Barcelona and volunteering at her children’s school and in the city.


Rosel Peña, Basque and Barcelona Staff

Rosel was born in the south of Spain but has lived in Madrid most of her life. Her warm, friendly nature and generous hospitality denote her provenance from the south, though; she is always there for you, eager to help.

Rosel recently retired from a long career in the corporate world and decided to spend her time doing what she craved for so long: travel!

Rosel's interests include long walks (I mean really long ones), singing in a gospel choir, and visiting museums. You will remember her smile much after saying goodbye.


Inbal Cabiri, Jerusalem Staff

Inbal is a professional photographer, a native Israeli currently residing in Barcelona.

She specializes in food and design for restaurants and artists, and works regularly as a photography instructor. Inbal is our expert insider, having lived 10 years in Jerusalem while studying Law and working as a criminal lawyer.

When she’s not behind the camera or running around behind her two little boys, she enjoys practicing yoga, catching sunsets, and eating all sorts of vegetarian foods.