Our hands-on workshops use fresh, local, seasonal produce to create an authentic, pleasurable experience. Our menus vary according to what the local market bounty and our small-scale local producers have to offer. Not a difficult task in Barcelona, one of the richest, most fertile landscapes in all of Spain.

Here are some examples of our most popular workshops:

  • Traditional Tapas

  • Vegetarian Tapas

  • Flavors of Barcelona

  • Paella like a Spaniard 

All of our private workshops are tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Sobremesa’s uncompromising commitment to buy only the best fresh, local produce makes our menus ideal for those of you who are sick of eating out all the time while traveling, and want to eat delicious, but clean.

Cooking together is like enjoying a home-cooked meal. Take a look at some of our past cooking workshops for inspiration...

Contact Us for more info or purchase one of our offerings below:

Market Visit + Cooking Class (Private)
from 100.00

We will meet at a local market for a guided tour in which we will taste some local seasonal goodies. Then we’ll take the train to a beautiful home in a residential neighborhood, where we will have a two-hour cooking class of your choice, featuring local fare. Some options include: paella, tapas, Catalan cuisine, etc.

Price is per person, 2 person minimum.

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Online Cooking Class
from 250.00

Connect with us, kitchen to kitchen, to cook a seasonal menu, tailored to your interests. We will send you a detailed shopping list beforehand, so that you can have all the ingredients and equipment ready. We will mirror it in our kitchen, and then set a date to cook together in real time.

Group size:
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Sobremesa Gift Card
from 100.00

Usable towards any of our Walk & Taste Tours, Classes, Workshops, Excursions or Culinary Experiences.

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