Thank you for everything you taught us. I learned so much about food and culture. Your enthusiasm was inspirational and inspiring!
— Viviana
Chef Camila continues to inspire me to connect with my ingredients. Through easy to follow, healthy recipes she dives into the root of cooking - bringing people together around a table to reach all senses. After taking two classes (the second as a private paella party) I am hungry for more. Chef Camila is an inspiring culinary artist and community builder.

As a child I remember going up to my mom and pulling on her skirt asking, “when do we get to open presents”, to only hear back “soon” as she took another bite of food and continued the conversation with my aunts and uncles. Now it is my turn to set the table and serve the food that will help keep people connecting - what I know recognize as the true gift. This to is what Chef Camilla is all about - our first class was so heart warming and easy to do for a large group that it became the motivation behind our Christmas Eve Dinner (Moroccan food).
— Paitra H.
You are such a professional, kind and humble person that you make the difficult look easy. The night was pretty close to perfect thanks to you.
— Marylin L.
Camila your class and teaching were inspirational to me! Thank you!
— Lily
Spending time with Camila for a private lesson with our friends has been one of the highlights of our year! The class being in Camila’s home kitchen was intimate and cozy. I loved that we got to be hands on learning with each of us preparing a different part. The appetizer of olive tapenade was out of this world amazing!!! Cooking the paella outside in the sunshine was the best! Our paella was so beautiful and delicious! We can’t stop talking about it. We did enjoy our time so much at Sobremesa and hope to enjoy another class with Camila soon!
— Amber S.
Thank you again for all that you do to help us all to eat healthier good tasting food. I was so very thrilled when you came along. So excited to cook with you.
— Lisa S.
Wonderful experience learning how to make delicious authentic seafood paella! We had a small class with fun people. Nice hands-on experience along with detailed instructions and tips. Chef Camila is an amazing instructor! I can’t wait to replicate the dish myself.
— Mora K.